Hire right or manage tough. And no one can manage tough enough.

Our recruiters have an amazing network of associates (VP level & Above) and contacts, which we leverage liberally to attract the best talents for you. We have been able to "sell" our Clients to passive candidates in a manner that made them crave to join the organization, even before they go in for their interview.

We endeavour to put ourselves in the shoes of you, the Hiring Managers, to clearly understand the responsibilities, goals and the expectations, rather than simply searching for "buzzwords" that most recruiters tend to do. With such an approach, we maintain a very high batting average in filtering the candidates and bringing in only those who were optimally qualified for the position. It is rare for us to recruitment candidates who did not fit the requirements.

We interview our candidates in great detail. We use Psychometric / Personality / Behavioural / Aptitude testing where necessary and offer a range of training, Interview and CV assistance for our candidates. We will only recommend candidates to you who we feel will have an immediate & strategic impact on your company.

We grow by constantly reinventing our recruitment process to adapt to the market's changing needs. We are well networked, experienced, and have the skill to surface, recruit, and bring on-board stellar candidates. Not only just tactical excellence; we keep our eye on the big picture whilst clearly communicates our ideas and goals, not wasting time and giving you excellent value for money.

HOW IS David & Goliath DIFFERENT?
The easiest way to understand how David & Goliath differs from most other Executive Search firms is to know what we do not do.

  • We do not just write and send recommendations to our Client. We also do Resume Writing, Grooming and Etiquette advisory, Professional Achievements Write up, exclusive candidate representation, pre-interview preparation, interviews arrangement, post-interview debrief, offer acceptance, counter-offer strategies, resignation management, Leaving your job Gracefully, Relocation guide, Adjustment to new environment etc.

  • What you see is what you get. We do not send the most senior consultant to meet you and use junior staff for the Executive Search process. Our commitment to you is to use only the consultants with the most relevant domain expertise to serve you.

  • Our Value Add is not just our proprietary methods, tools and recruitment solutions. We believe that the only way to ensure sustainable results is to go beyond the methods/tools, by continuously looking for areas or GAPs where there can be improvement.

  • We do not disappear after we had hired for you. Part of our commitment to you is to follow up after the hiring to ensure Executive Search quality is sustained and improvements are made.

  • Contact us at info@davidgoliath.net to have a head start to your talent acquisition needs!

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